English with Music


Starting with Beginners

I am starting with students that have not yet played guitar or are at a very basic level. I am currently writing my own course books.

I have also started with a bass guitar course book as I start to learn bass guitar. In 2015 I hope to be able to accept students wishing to learn to play the bass guitar. Playing bass guitar is more fun than I had imagined it to be.

I have heard some semi-professional musicians that may also wish to improve their English. I am sure that we could find a way to achieve your goals.

Beginners Course Content

I am teaching music theory along with common guitar skills. In the beginners level we will learn to read and play the notes within the first four frets of the guitar neck. Open cords and some bare chords will be covered. My goal at this level is create a good vocabulary of all the words we need to start having fluid discussions about the topics we will be learning.



Kevin Tough

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