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 Kevin's Background



Water Extremes

Whether it be carving a water-ski deep in the water or silently dipping a paddle into a glass calm foggy lake my heart still remains in Canada. Sitting by a campfire at night playing and listening to guitar music while the loons call another just stays in your blood. My childhood memories revolve mainly around Eagle Lake, South River, ON Canada. In Canada the summer break from schools is much longer than in Germany. This gives children and young adults a lot more possibilities to really take a break, investigate summer jobs and when possible to enjoy the outdoors. I heart-fully thank my parents that my young years were as wonderful as they were.

My parents got me my first guitar when I was about 10 years old. My personal space then was much larger than now. A likely well meaning guitar teacher invaded my space resulting in my quickly ending guitar playing.


While attending Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in downtown Toronto, Canada I found a really quaint father and son guitar shop nearby. I purchased my first guitar then as a diversion from classes and theory. I still play my Yamaha FG365 from time to time. He has mellowed and has a great sound. He has not complained at all that many months went by sometimes without his case being opened.

 1985 - 1998

Owned and operated a small forestry business. In the off-season we did some house construction projects.


Worked as tree-feller for Wild Cat Wilderness Reserve until the poor cats did not have any more trees to hide behind ;-) .  During this year I lived in a small winterized cottage. Access to the cottage was only possible by boat or ATV. I could play my guitar immersed in only the sounds from the surrounding wilderness.


Worked as a small engine mechanic for Eagle Lake Marina.

2001 - 2004

Worked for Waggershauser Strassenbau as a heavy equipment and asphalt-plant mechanic. While I was waiting for for my job position to officially become open I developed for the first time calluses on my guitar fretting hand. Once I was able to work the calluses disappeared again until into 2013.

2005 - 2007

Worked for Rinklin Elektronik as programmer of assembly and testing machines for printed circuit boards.

2008 - 2009

Worked for Viscom AG out of Hannover. I did software and application support as well as some minor technical support. It was from this experience that I found I enjoyed teaching. I also found out that many of my students had learned English throughout their years in school. Most were very shy to speak and in 95% of the cases we spoke in German. In 2009/2010 the industry went into depression and Viscom AG cut it's work-force drastically. I was happy to have the time to build our house in Grossbettlingen making sure that a music room/studio was included.

2010 -

Returned to the nice people at  Rinklin Elektronik

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